Day 1

Jumièges and Rouen

After your arrival in Seine-Maritime (by your own means), you will discover the Jumièges Abbey : this site was burnt to ground by the Vikings in 841, rebuilt, and then looted in the 16th century by the Huguenots. Sold during the French Revolution, it finally became public-owned in 1947, which allowed most of the abbey to be protected and preserved. Once described as the “most beautiful ruin in France” by Victor Hugo, you can now have a 3D visit (best award winning app, by WSA), and see how the abbey has changed through time. You’ll visit the Notre Dame Abbey itself, the Saint-Pierre church, the cloister, the garden and the large 18th century dormitory.

After lunch (not included), visit the Aitre St Maclou in Rouen, listed as Historic Monument since 1862, with its medieval cemetery, for plague victims. This is one of the last medieval necropolis in a city center in Europe.

Dinner and overnight in Rouen or vicinity.

Day 2


After your breakfast. Rouen: nicknamed the “city of 100 bell towers“, the city history is linked to one of the most famous soldier in history, Joan of Arc. To understand this historical character and her life, you will visit the Joan of Arc Historial, where you will be pulled in back into the 15th century, thanks to videos, live show, sounds effect, 3D projections, all set in a medieval building, for a unforgettable experience.

After lunch in a restaurant, you will chose between a guided tour of the city around Joan of Arc history, or, audio-guided tour, a treasure hunt or touristic rally around town.

Then, take some time to discover the Gros Horloge (the big clock), the flagship monument of the city. Within, you will visit the clock dial room, the belfry where is located the 14th century clock mechanism, with the first town bells. From the there, you can enjoy the view over the city.

Carry on the visit at your own pace with the cathedral, where you can see in the ambulatory the burial of some Dukes of Normandy (Rollon, who founded the Duchy of Normandy, and Richard Lionheart, whose heart was placed in the crypt after his death).

Dinner and overnight in Rouen or vicinity.

Day 3

Mortemer and Les Andelys

After your breakfast, you will enjoy a guided tour of the Abbey of Mortemer, which construction dates from the 12th century, at the request of Duke of Normandy (Henri 1st Beauclerc, king of England and 4th son of William the Conqueror). You will discover the basements of the Abbey with its Ghost and legends museum. You will see the tools, the bread oven, a monastic cell, as well as the small fountain. A sound and light system allows a staging of the many tales and legends of the region. A small train ride around the ponds is also possible.

After lunch in the restaurant, head towards Les Andelys, for a reality-augmented and 360-immersive visit of the Château Gaillard, built in 1196 by Richard Lionhear (King and England and Duke of Normandy). Located on a high point overlooking the cliffs and the river, it protected Rouen and the Seine river. It held a strategic role within the hundred years’ war, and has been listed since 1862.

End of your trip.

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Guided tour of Aître St Maclou on Saturdays and Sundays : 6 € pp

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Prices and programme not applicable during the Armada show (every few years).